Culinox and Dendritic: Specialty Salts for Many Uses

Morton Salt has been a big name in the salt industry since it started in 1848. You can see the iconic Morton Salt Girl in her bright yellow dress on salt containers in your home as well as on bags of salt used in bigger industries. They make salts for the culinary industry as well as pools, snow/ice melts, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, agricultural, and water treatment.

Dendritic Salt is a food grade, high purity salt. It’s porous, star-shaped crystals offers greater adherence than traditional salt and provides a quick, salty taste. Because of that porous star-shape, it has a greater ability to absorb oils, flavors, and essences. It also is a low-bulk density product which makes it a cost-effective bulking agent. Because of the large surface area, it has a rapid dissolving rate which helps speed up production. It also blends very well because of that low bulk density and irregular particle shape. 

Dendritic Salt has many uses across many different applications/uses. The most common uses are in the food industry. Dendritic can be used in cereals, baked goods, dry blends & seasonings, soups, sauces, dressings, meat, poultry, fish, condiments, spreads, processed vegetables, snacks and sweets. Dendritic Salt is Kosher certified, gluten free, and suitable for vegan/vegetarian diets. Like Culinox, Dendritic Salt can be used in the brining and salting phases in cheese making.

Culinox 999 Food Grade Salt is a high purity granulated salt that has a cubic structure. The higher purity helps to provide consistent saltiness levels. It is produced from evaporating a chemically purified brine in vacuum pans. Culinox 999 Salt contains no additives and the process it goes through significantly reduces magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, other heavy metals, and carbonate and/or sulfate impurities. Culinox 999 Salt complies with Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) and federal cGMP standards. It is considered a 100% pure salt and is GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). It is also certified as Kosher for passover.

Culinox 999 Food Grade Salt has a variety of different applications and uses. First of all, in food, Culinox is used frequently in cheesemaking because it contains no iodine. Using Culinox for the salting phase of making specialty cheese will prevent the edges of the cheese from drying out. The cubic structure of Culinox 999 Salt also allows for equal uptake and dispersion in the cheese.

Culinox 999 Salt also can be used in industrial applications that require higher purity salt like drinking water applications. It can be used as a water softener in pools and spas. It is frequently used in laboratories in tests. It can also be used in supplements and/or pharmaceutical applications where a high purity, food grade salt is required.

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