Get ready for Winter and Ice removal Now!

Ice melt

As the cold is weather is looming ahead, knowing good ways to safely get rid of ice and snow is a key way to stay safe this winter. Don’t get literally left out in the cold! Get started NOW to get your ice and snow control operations in place.

It is easy to find good snow and ice melt chemicals if you know where to find a good supplier and what to look for. Luckily, there are a few inexpensive and effective chemicals that are known for their ice melting capabilitie, and a good supplier to get them shipped to you quickly and safely no matter where you are in in the continental US

Magnesium Chloride is known to be less damaging to pavements and other surfaces over repeated use. Like Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs moisture. Unlike a lot of ice melts, it leaves minimal to no residues to clean up. This also means it’s recognized as an environmentally friendly method for ice melt. Magnesium Chloride melts ice at a quick rate and works down to -5 degrees F.

Calcium Chloride is significantly faster at melting ice than traditional sodium chloride (salt). It is effective down to a temperature of -25 degrees F. Pound for pound, Calcium Chloride melts twice as much ice as some of it’s chemical competitors. When mixed with water, it causes an exothermic reaction, releasing heat which is very effective at melting ice! Calcium Chloride also has the ability to extract moisture from its surroundings, helping get to fully bare (and safe) roads quickly. There’s also a liquid Calcium Chloride ready to spray onto roads.

Both chemicals can be found at!

Don’t delay, shop now to get your safety program in place for snow and ice removal program going for this winter. According to all the almanacs it is going to be a cold and wet winter. Stay safe and get in touch with Level 7 Chemical to get all of your needed chemicals.

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