Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Powder Sourcing and technical information

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) Powder

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate  is usually classified under CAS # 68955-19-1 or 151-21-3

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate powder is usually a high active powder made as an oleo chemical anionic surfactant The best performing type of SLS is a higher active powder which has not been adultered and thereby has excellent properties for a wide range of detergent applications. 

To make pure SLS Powder it goes through a unique manufacturing process resulting in consistent high quality powder. Partly due to it’s economic price, SLS is the most commonly-used sulfate. It can be derived from many sources including petroleum, coconut oil, or palm oil. SLS Powder can be used with other anionic, nonionic or amphoteric surfactants.

SLS powder is very effective at removing any oily stains and dirt residues. Because of this, SLS Powder is commonly used in heavy duty laundry powders and tablets. SLS Powder has excellent solubility properties optimized to perform foaming at normal and low-temperature washes. The foaming properties of this chemical break the water tension and attract dirt away from the surface you are cleaning. Because of it’s ability to break down tough materials like oil or grease, it is used frequently in industrial strength detergents, engine degreasers, and other industrial cleaning products.

SLS is safe for normal use in household cleaning products like dish soap, carpet cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, degreasers, and more. It is also on the FIFRA list for inert ingredients.

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