Top 3 Diy Hacks To Help You Easily Unclog Pipes at office or home In Real Time 

Top Diy Hacks To Help You Unclog Pipes In Real Time 

It is very likely that at some time you will need to unclog a sewer or drainage line in your office our your home. Here are some easy to try ways to get pipes unclogged and keep them running!

Clogged pipes can be very challenging. Clogged sewers and plumbing will likely cause flooding if the problems are not solved. The clog will also lead to low drainage or low pressure. You need to get the plumbing unclogged and running again or you may have a disaster on your hands. What are some good solutions?

Here are a few DIY tips that will help you unclog the pipelines before paying hefty amounts of fees to plumbing experts:

Liquid Citric Acid 

Chemical drain cleaners can be dangerous and highly acidic. Even worse, they’re ineffective, sometimes leaving your sink full of toxic chemical water. In comparison, liquid citric acid is perfectly safe, not to mention iless expensive, and more effective than many commercial cleaners. 

Many people have tried this simple hack using citric acid. Try to unclog a slow drain with a mix of boiling water and citric acid mixture and pouring it down the drain. When combined, a base of hot water and (below 158ºF/ 70ºC) gives out a fizzy and bubbly action helping clean the clogged plumbing pipe. But where to buy liquid citric acid? Well, you can buy these from various online and offline retailers. 

Enzyme Drain Cleaners 

Enzyme drain cleaners do not contain chemical content; instead, they contain bacteria cultures and concentrated enzymes that react to organic substances. This drain cleaner is designed to clean the pipes of live organisms like mildew and moulds and organic content such as food particles. The enzyme or bacteria of the cleaners sustains upon the food waste and digests these substances, and reproduces the “good” bacteria throughout your drainage system and the septic treatment tank.

Once you’re done cleaning the drainage system with a liquid citric acid solution, use a plunger to create enough suction to move the water up and down the pipes, loosening the blockage. However, this probably won’t work if the blockage is intense or made from something like hair or food waste. 

If you want to maintain your home or office pipes and prevent clogs from grease and food type build up try the natural Enzyme product, Bio Clean from Level 7 Chemical. It is safe and easy to use and helps prevent clogs from grease and food before they get started. Bioclean comes in a variety of sizes for use in the home, in restaurants and businesses. It is perfect for restaurants that have grease traps and where anyone has problems with greasy build up and food residues in pipes.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

The commercial drain cleaners can unclog your drain instantly. These chemical drain cleaners contain active ingredients that remove the sludge blocking in the pipe and facilitate an easy water flow. However, it is recommended to be cautious while handling these highly reactive and volatile chemicals. Once the drain has been cleaned, wipe the floor with an effective liquid citric acid. After cleaning, disinfect with a disinfectant agent. Follow the instructions on the pack for usage and always test on an inconspicuous area first before redirecting the usage. 

The Bottom Line 

You can always fall back on the old-fashioned remedies- tips and tricks that your parents or grandparents may have used: boiling water, Borax, liquid citric acid, and more. Unclogging and cleansing plumbing pipes may seem like an exhausting and complex chore. However, if you maintain a periodic cleansing timetable or schedule, you won’t have to worry about clogged bathrooms anymore. But when you need to unclog the pipes try liquid citric acid. Check it out here if you need drum of premade citric acid solution, or if you just need a bag of citric acid look here.