Vinegar 30% in bulk resources and where to find


Vinegar 30%in bulk

Vinegar  30% vinegar (acetic Acid) , is 70% water: It is much stronger than typical vinegar.  It can be used at the 30% strength or diluted further with up to 60 parts water for all kinds of uses and applications.

Vinegar is one of the very best natural product. It can be used in so many ways around the home, and even has uses in more commercial applications too. Vinegar at full strength and also diluted veingar can be a great way to do all kinds of everyday cleaning, removing rust, mineral, and calcium buildup, and for cleaning tile too. Some people report that vinegar is also a good all natural way to knowck out weeds and grasses in the yard.  Vinegar is a great at home ingredient used for a multitude of applications!

Vinegar is a very safe product. Safe to people and pets, and safe for the environment too.

Typical Uses:

  • Household Cleaner
  • Weeds and grasses – many say it knocks them baclk 
  • Some says that it can help wtth Mildew/Mold Remover
  • Tile and Floor Cleaner
  • Canning
  • Some report they use it to deter pests.

Typical properties of 30 % Vinegar.

pH 2.8 

Density 1.025  

Stability – Stable under most conditions

Readily Biodegradable

Make up of vinegar 30%

CAS No) 7732-18-5 (WATER) 70% By weight

CAS No) 64-19-7  – (ACETIC ACID/ VINEGAR) 30 % by weight

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